Our Partners


Common Impact breaks down barriers that exist between sectors and industries to create meaningful partnerships between companies

The common purpose of these connections:  to deliver real value to each partner through innovations in community engagement, and ultimately to address deeply rooted and complex social challenges.


Common Impact enables your company to play a powerful role in creating stronger, more vibrant communities, while realizing your key business and talent objectives. Learn more.


Common Impact amplifies the critical work that nonprofits do by catalyzing a new, connected economy: an economy that is created through the powerful combination of companies, nonprofits, and people connecting for the common goal of creating tangible social value. We develop and oversee skilled volunteer programs that work: engaging Fortune 500 corporate employee teams in strategic, operational consulting roles in nonprofit organizations. Learn more.


Common Impact sparks your purpose-driven career.  We create opportunities to tackle challenges at nonprofit organizations that you, with your specific talents and experiences, are uniquely positioned to address...while helping you to achieve your personal and professional leadership goals. Learn more.

Strategic Partners

Common Impact is grateful to partners who have supported us in many ways over the years.

Our Partners investing their unique talents towards a shared purpose

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